We are an architect and a contemplative mentor who are jointly here to help you - a student of architecture or a seasoned architect - to holistically revive, re-personalize and transform your approach to architectural design process and practice. We teach writing, drawing and contemplative practices in architectural design and research. Below you can get  to know us more in-depth and check our bibliographies, projects and other contributions.


(PhD Arch.)


I am a poet and practicing architect, devoted to making, sharing and co-creating poem-drawings as processual and analytical instruments in architectural and urban research through design. I exhibited my work at CA2RE - Conference of Artistic and Architectural Research in Ljubljana, Aarhus, Berlin, Lisbon, Ghent and Trondheim. I published two books of poems and poem-drawings. My pedagogical practice evolved around a decade of assisting teaching design studios and co-leading a workshops in Skopje and Ljubljana, and online personal invidiual sessions of urbotherapy through poem-drawing.

Standing against the traumatic cycle of suppressing the inner voice of the young human, I am driven by my restless desire to create a learning environment that starts from the student's conscious or unconscious gifts and affinities, from his/her inner unique personality and beauty.


(BA pth., MAABS, logotherapist)


I work in the field of contemplative psychotherapy and applied Buddhist studies, exploring the dialogue between psychotherapy and contemplative practices of early Buddhism for cultivation of ethical behaviour, compassion, mindfulness and insight. In my private psychotherapeutic practice I have come across many architects in various stages of professional development (from undergraduate students to a freshly retired and well seasoned professionals) and began to observe an emerging pattern of suffering related to the educational and pedagogical processes at the faculties of architecture and later on in the working spaces of architectural biros.


This led me to ponder, how can contemplative practices in combination with writing and drawing methods and selected aspects of autobiographical exercises support a creative person on a balanced and psychologically resilient development of professional identity? The services that we offer at Archi | Contemplatives are aiming to address this question.

Archi | Contemplatives Learning Platform


Archi Contemplatives Ltd. is a Slovenia (EU) based company founded by Viktorija Bogdanova and David Srakar that aims to provide a high quality digital educational products and services to a vibrant community of open-minded architects, writers, creatives, contemplatives and other enthusiasts interested in the interdisciplinary field of architectural design and practice, literary and visual arts, ethical pedagogy and contemplative practices.



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